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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

V8 Supercars - The Ipswich 300 August 2011

V8 Supercars - The Ipswich 300 August 2011

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The Ipswich 300 at Queensland Raceway in August (19-21) will feature a unique three-race format this year, with the two V8 Supercar races on the Saturday separated by just 15 minutes.

The format is a first for V8 Supercars and follows the successful three-race format at the recent Trading Post Perth Challenge, although it has an unusual twist.

"We explored alternatives to bring a unique edge to the entertainment value for the Saturday crowd,” V8 Supercars Motorsport Operations Manager Damien White said. “Given the positive feedback from the format in Perth we have followed the theme and introduced an extra element with a 15 minute ‘service’. The fans are going to love it"

Teams will have 15 minutes to quickly service their cars following the first Saturday race before returning to the grid and assuming the positions they finished in for race two.

“The refueling and tyre changes are normally done during a race, and the changes to car set-up and repairs from damage the race are usually done overnight, so this is a massive amount of pressure for the teams to deal with,” said White.

Queensland Minister for Sport Phil Reeves welcomed the unique format for the event that brings significant economic impact to south-east Queensland.

“Ipswich has been through hell and high water after this year’s devastating floods and it’s terrific to bring some good news to the city as it works to get back on its feet,” Minister Reeves said. “Having two back to back races on the Saturday with such a quick turnaround time is going is going to make it action packed for drivers, pit crews and spectators. Locking in the Ipswich 300 for the next three years will give local businesses and the community a big confidence boost.

“The State Government is proud to offer its financial support to secure this great event for the next three years. The Ipswich 300 is an integral part of this state’s V8 Supercar circuit which also includes the Gold Coast 600 and Townsville 400 and showcases Queensland to a huge national and international TV audience. Queensland is a super state for hosting V8 Supercar racing.”

Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale congratulated the organisers on securing a bumper program of events to support the Ipswich 300.

“The format of a tight turn-around between races 16 and 17 will add an extra dimension of excitement for race fans and put incredible pressure on pit crews. I look forward to welcoming all V8 Supercar fans visiting Ipswich next month.”

The regular 20-minute qualifying session will determine the grid for the first race on Saturday while the finishing order of that race will determine the grid for the next race.

Any driver that fails to finish will start at the rear of the grid, and in the case of multiple non finishers, they will line up in the order of number of laps completed in the previous race.

Teams will have little time to prep their cars in-between races which should provide some spectacular, think on your feet strategy up and down pit lane.

“Being 15 minutes from when service commences to pit exit closing effectively gives the teams a 13 and half minute window to carry out any work they require,” says White. "It highlights the team element of this sport, and will showcase the skill o the engineers and mechanics.”

The Sunday format remains the same with a 20-minute qualifying session and a 200-kilometre race.

A three-year deal for the Ipswich 300 to continue at Queensland Raceway was announced late in May between the Queensland Government, Ipswich City Council and V8 Supercars.

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